A real problem - how to build an audience?

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all the other ‘social’ tools out there are making it *really* easy to share and discover links…but an interesting side effect seems to be that they are also making it harder to actually build an audience (people who identify and look to continuously engage with your brand, your content, and your community).

So I’m wondering, what tools are out there right now helping people build a real audience? Who is trying to solve this problem and what approaches are working?

Is it really just a matter of putting out consistent high-quality content over some length of time? Even if it’s a base requirement, do you think it’s enough?

  1. quartey said: Richard Millington of FeverBee has been thinking out loud about this for a while. See this recent email newsletter about “The 3 Elements of Genuine Communities”: us2.campaign-archive1.c…
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