citynsea asked:

hi, long list. i tried to look for 49ers on the search.

Did you get any results? I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned the 49ers on this blog (until just now)…I used to run a handful of different blogs dedicated to fantasy sports (and the Atlanta Falcons) so I know I’ve written about the 49ers a lot over the years (but I think I’ve kept that fairly sep. from this realm).

Also - did you try the search directly on  We aren’t powering search for any sports focused or sports specific websites (yet) that I know of, so again the results might be sparse but you might find some interesting and unexpected conversations around the 49ers that way as well.

Really though, the bigger question is…have you considered switching to be an Atlanta Falcons fan?  We would love to have you in the group! ;-)

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