What’s missing?

Gawk.it has been happily chugging along from day-to-day for about 10 months now.

And while it’s already installed on some of my personal favorite blogs — avc, continuations, cdixon, aweissman, and thisisgoingtobebig to name just a few — it has not yet reached a critical mass on the traction front.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about how to grow the install base for gawk.it.

When I step back and take an honest look at the product, as a whole I feel like gawk.it is really good, but it’s still not *great*.

I want to make it great.

So great that when people see it, use it, or learn about it, they say “I have to have this for my own site”.

The problem is that I’m just not sure what the missing element is to get to that yet.

So I’m left wondering, what’s missing?

I would love to hear your honest, unfiltered, thoughts and opinions around this question in the comments below…

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