The new - some new features.

Since Nick and the USV team open sourced the conversations app, I’ve been pitching in a little here and there. The initial work was focused on cleaning up the initial code base and fixing various bugs (many of which I actually introduced in my ‘clean up’ work).

We believe we are ‘mostly’ through that phase now, and so now we can finally focus some time and energy on ‘new’ features…and the first set of these things was just pushed out to the app.

Here is a quick list of some of the new/cool things:

1. User profiles.

Now almost everywhere you see a username on the site, it should link to that user’s conversation profile (and you can get to your own via the ‘settings’ link in the top navigation when you are logged in).

When viewing a profile, in addition to seeing the list of shares that the user has put into the system, you should have access to three other interesting things:

A. tags - These are all the tags the user has used in tagging their shares (click any to see those specific shares).

B. bumps - These are the items the user has up-voted.

C. at mentions - These are the shares that the user has been @mentioned in (currently very few people actually have @mentions - so this is often empty right now)

2. Settings

When logged in, you should now see a ‘settings' link at the top of page. Clicking that will take you to a new settings area where you can manage the email address associated with your account as well as your Disqus account connection.

From this area you can also reach your own profile details (the Shares, Bumps, and Mentions tabs mentioned above).

3. At mentions

As mentioned in the above details, now if you @mention a user in your share details, it should automatically be hotlinked to the user’s profile and should show under the ‘Mentions’ section of their profile.

4. Tags

In addition to the tagging things mentioned above (ie. use them as bookmarks; use them as quick links to interesting topics from a user) we have also added a tag cloud for the site as a whole.

You’ve likely already noticed this as it’s just above the ‘featured’ posts area in the app. Hopefully you find it as interesting and useful as we do.

5. Hover over votes

Now when you hover over the ‘vote’ count, you should see a pop-up window that shows you the icons of those that have upvoted the share.

6. Improved Disqus integration

Probably most important to all the already actively engaged users, we’ve reworked a lot of how we take advantage of Disqus throughout the system. We now use the Disqus API and your user settings (when you auth the app with Disqus) to communicate with Disqus.

What this means is that Disqus, and specifically alerting, *should* be working as users have come to know, love, and expect from Disqus.

We do have a few other ideas and features in the works, but I think that’s the core of what’s been released for now.

So if you’ve got ideas, questions, or find bugs please do let us know.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll like the new things you find and I hope it will encourage you to help us grow the community!

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