A few cool, new, turfd features.

I continue to hack away on turfd.com as I find extra time here and there. Tonight was one of those times, and so I’ve just released a handful of small updates. I’m pretty excited about this latest batch and just wanted to share a few details with you:

1. Improved sharing and social features.

If you create a turfd account, you can now associate your Twitter and Facebook accounts to it…if you do that, you’ll be able to share links to any stories you find on turfd out to these networks quickly and easily.

Additionally, every story you share or comment on will be listed under your public turfd profile (where others can reply and engage with you around the stories you find most interesting).

Your turfd profile page is just turfd.com plus your username (for example mine is http://turfd.com/falicon) and is a great way to engage with your friends around the sports stories you find most interesting. I’ll be spending more time improving the profile experience (and discovery of other turfd users) in the near future.

2. Daily email of recent league scores.

You can now have turfd send you an email early every morning that contains the scores from the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL of the previous day.

I’ve had this feature running for just myself for a few days (as I tested it out) and I have to say I absolutely love this (it’s always the simple little ideas that often provide users with the most joy).  It’s such a great way to catch up on the scores/action around all the leagues I care about in one simple email (and it’s generally waiting for me in my inbox when I wake up).

To take advantage of this new alerting service, just go to your settings page on turfd.com. I’ll also be working on adding in scores for other leagues and sports before too long.

3. Exclude specific sources or terms from custom feeds.

While I’ve been busy adding as many new sources as I can, I have started to hear some feedback (and notice myself) that not all the sources are created equal.

Some users love a given source while others hate it.

Rather than try to control what sources get in or don’t beyond the general classification of ‘provide professional sports information’, I’ve decided to give the power to exclude directly to users.

So now, if you don’t like a specific source or you find that your custom feeds are sometimes cluttered up with false positives…you can just list the source, or the specific terms that are causing false positives, and your custom feeds (and the related alerts) will no longer include those matches.

4. Streamlined mobile experience.

Check turfd.com via your mobile device and you should find an optimized-for-mobile-experience.

It’s not quite as full-featured as the web version just yet (and you can switch to the standard web view at any time if you really want)…but search and custom feeds are front and center so hopefully the core of what you would want is already there and a pleasure to experience. I’ll of course be spending quite a bit of time improving everything from here going forward as well.

But wait there’s more!

The above list are just a few of the latest updates I’ve released for turfd…I’ve got a massive list of others I hope to get to soon.  In the meantime, please take a second to hop out and experience it all for yourself…and PLEASE make sure to tell all your friends to check out turfd.com as well!

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