a little behind (as usual)

Well I’m way off track on doing a regular post around here aren’t I!? I’m hoping that it’s just a result of me being out of town for a few days, but the reality is more likely that I’m just getting lazy!

Anyway, I actually do have a few interesting things going on right now that I can share:

1. I thought I was done offering statsfeed services (at least for this year) but it turns out that I forgot to inform one of my clients about the shut down and now they don’t really have time (or money) to find another option. Being the nice (sucker) that I am, I’ve decided to continue the service for them…of course the real rub of it all is that I’ve already turned away all my other clients (so I’m now going to do the work, but for a lot less money than I could have been). Being a nice guy in business really does bite you in the butt sometimes (but at least I can sleep at night knowing I’m doing the right thing).

2. As we try to get the new BotFu idea together we were finding it hard to keep up with our own ideas and plans…so I grabbed a copy of phpwiki and slappped it behind some basic auth. for us to use as a collection spot. I don’t know how popular phpwiki is, but I have to say in my opinion it’s pretty junky! I’ve already had to spend a little time tweaking all the code to work (and look) just the way I want…nothing too hard or too bad, but it seems like there should be more features already built in for such simple software (which makes me think it’s not all that popular of software).

3. Today is my oldest son’s first day of Kindergarten! And I’m getting yelled out to help get everyone out the door…so I better stop goofing off on here and get to helping!

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