Common beliefs.

About 2,000 years ago it was common belief that everything in nature was controlled by a different god. A god of Thunder, a god of Fire, a god of Water, etc. etc. etc.

About 1,000 year ago it was common belief that the world was flat and you could simply fall off of the edge.

About 100 years ago it was common belief that Mars had an ancient and thriving civilization which was much more advanced than ours.

About 50 years ago it was common belief that your skin color was related to your value in society.

About 25 years ago it was common belief that Pluto was the 9th planet in our Solar System.

About 10 years ago it was common belief that the internet was more hype than reality.

About 5 years ago it was common belief that social media would be nothing more than a fad for kids.

The point is that common beliefs are really nothing more than common. Time, experience, knowledge all work towards eventually vetting out the truth of things.

Your challenge, if you’re interested in really changing the world and claiming your spot in history, is to open our eyes and our minds.

Be aware of what our current common beliefs are, and then push the limits on them. Question ‘why’ we have them, what we can test about them, and how we might evolve them over the course of time and through our shared experiences.

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