Didn't work Wednesday: An update.

Since it’s literally the end of the year, I thought I would do a slightly different take on the Didn’t work Wednesday series today and just do a quick look back on what we’ve covered so far.

On Sept 4th, I shared the idea for the Didn’t work Wednesday series. In the sixteen weeks between then and now, I’ve shared a number of mistakes I’ve made over the years…including mistakes around:

that’s a lot of mistakes!

In looking back over them as a collection, you will probably notice a number of small trends and how often over-correcting for one identified mistake often lead towards a new and different mistake (but I think that’s just the nature of this learning process).

But of course we aren’t even half way through my personal list of mistakes! I’ve got a queue (in Trello) of things yet to cover, and I’m sure there are even a few I’ve blocked from my memory at the moment but that will surface if/when I sit down to *really* think about them.

And remember, once I’ve exhausted my own list of mistakes, my intention/hope is to maybe dig into a few other mistakes I’ve seen (that didn’t involve me)…so - we have lots more weeks of this series left to go as we move into 2014.

So I hope you’ll stick around (and help me cope with all the silly, stupid, and embarrassing mistakes I’ve made over the years).

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