Digging in a little...

I’m going to make this short and sweet tonight because I’m currently watching the Caps get their butts handed to them by Pittsburgh AND implementing a handful of HTML updates to various Hero Brawl pages.

My goal for tonight is to get some of the headers and flashier bits of Hero Brawl into place the way we want for this first version…and maybe do a little more with equip area (you know so you can actually use those items you buy)…

Outside of that, I don’t have a ton to report today as I spent the majority of my day with my head buried in dull code.

On the good news side of things, I did get my books from Amazon yesterday (finally!)…so now I’m anxious to get a little more reading time in (I’ve been meaning to take a snapshot of my ‘currently reading’ pile but haven’t gotten around to it yet – a common theme in my world).

Now if Dell would just get around to sending me that computer I ordered awhile back…I’d be one happy little boy.

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