Disqus is truly a disruptive company.

A conversation involving Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, and Roger Ehrenberg - 3 of the most respected VC online.
I’ve touted it a few times in the past, but for anyone that’s doubted the amazing value that Disqus is generating…answer me this: Where else can you listen in on a conversation among the top venture capital partners in the world? But it’s gets even better because, thanks to disqus you don’t just get to listen in…you can even participate. And participation is key, because that’s where all the juicy emotions and ideas come out…take a few minutes and dig into the discussion on this post to experience for yourself (and by the way, it’s not just the top VC I mention weighing in, it’s the people behind SV Angel and also regular folks just like you and me – a true, “everyone has a voice” example).

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