I'd write a blog post but...

I’m right in the middle of installing PostgreSQL, Catalyst, and a handful of other things on yet another development (but soon to be production) server…seems like I’ve done this sort of system set up stuff about a 100 times in the last couple of weeks.

On the plus side, I’m really starting to get all the steps down cold…but then again, they will probably be completely different by the time I have to worry about doing this stuff again.

Anyway - I’m really liking playing with PostgreSQL so far, and so there’s a good chance that I’ll be doing some more tips, tricks, and hacks posts for some of that before too long (so yeah, stay tuned!).

In the meantime, the other exciting thing to announce is that our siding project for our house is finally DONE. We also finally got our garage door fixed…and we are getting new front and back doors later this week (though they have to now ruin some of the fresh new siding to install the new doors - DOH!)…all of which we paid through the nose to have done (disadvantage to being a computer guy and not a ‘handy’ guy I guess).

I did manage to cut down a bush in the front of house that has been bothering me since we moved in though…I did it all by myself (including dragging it all the way to the back woods which is up a pretty steep hill I might add)…and I didn’t even injure myself doing it! Which is more than I can say for what happened when I was attempting to mess with the garage door (before it was fixed).

Let’s just say, typing is a bit painful the last couple of days…but I’m still managing as you can see.

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