I'm not really this quiet...

Just a head’s up that I’m not avoiding or intentionally missing posting right now…I’m just trying to power through the code clean up and conversion from some REALLY old Draftwizard.com stuff.

I’ve gone through a hand-full of files already, but I have lots more to go…it’s sort of boring work to me porting from old coldfusion code to php stuff. But it is interesting to see how I used to solve problems as opposed to how I would do it now…I can only imagine what the me in 5 years will think of the work I’m putting into place now!

Anyway, my ultimate goal with this process I’m going through is to make Draftwizard.com a fun, active, and useful place once again.

I plan to do this by bring back all the old features, adding in some really cool new ones, and at the same time making it all REALLY clean and simple to use and understand.

I’m thinking of it in terms of “How would apple design draftwizard.com?” and “How would google organize draftwizard.com?”.

Once again, it’s the design and the usability that is going to slow me down (almost all the features and functionality are basically there in the old code)…but if it isn’t at least a little challenging, then it wouldn’t be worth doing would it?!

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