Interviewing & low hanging fruit

We are currently hiring at pubgears for a couple of ‘junior’ positions…what’s been blowing my mind about the process so far though is the sheer number of candidates that don’t do the simple, basic, ‘low hanging fruit’ sort of things that could actually help them stand out.

Like what you ask? Well here’s two of my ‘interviewing 101′ suggestions/tips (and the two biggest I’ve seen people blowing it on like crazy this time around):

1. Be on time (and if you can’t be, communicate that you won’t be and why asap).

If you’ve never been to the location before, do a dry run the day or morning before just to get the lay of the land and know how much time you need to leave yourself to ‘be on time’.  And make sure to account for at least a little “didn’t expect that” time into your travels…because it’s always the days you don’t have time to waste that things come up.

2. Follow up with an email within a day or so after the interview.  It’s basic manners, but it also shows interest and passion.

If you can, throw in an additional question or thought or two related to what you were talking to people about in the interview - this is by far one of the greatest ways to stand out and show that you are anxious, excited, and ready to get going.

PRO TIP: The faster you follow up, the easier it is AND the more passionate/interested you appear in the gig.

Again - these are just two SUPER BASIC things I had thought were common practice (but am finding out are not so much)…there are a lot more that, given time, I could on for about hours…but I think I’ll save those rants for another day…

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