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Trying to get in a ton of production this week for a handful of my projects, so tonight I’m just going to share a few quick notes on some tym.ly stuff:

1. Twitter’s Oauth is still being a bit buggy, and that means testing is a bit annoying at times…so if you are trying anything out and you can’t get logged in or approve the tymly app, it’s probably because of Twitter and Oauth…the only solution for that at the moment is to wait it out and eventually Twitter fixes itself up (sometimes it takes over a day though! Last few days it’s been getting better, but still seeing some hours of problems).

2. I added the concept of ‘notes’ to the tymly system…so now if you @ or D tymly and your tweet text doesn’t contain a specific date format/keyword we check for, I log it as a note rather than a calendar event (notes are really the same thing as events in all ways except they lack the concept of an event date and instead have the concept of a note order)…currently notes are shown down the side bar. Notes also have the same idea of public vs. private as events do, you can comment on notes just like events, and eventually I plan to let users manage notes by sorting, editing, and deleting them as they see fit – the hope is people will even be able to add a note for another user down the road.

3. I fixed up some permission things that weren’t quite right yet (stuff about who gets to see what based on friending levels)…it’s the hardest thing to test right now because of the Twitter OAuth problems…but we’ll get it right before too long.

As I dig a bit more into the tymly idea within my brain (and in actual code), I fall a little bit more in love with it all and continue to see more and more potential for it…and that’s pretty exciting stuff, so you can expect to be hearing a lot more about this in the near future!

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