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The last few days have been pretty exciting on the idea front for me…not so much because I’ve had some brilliant ideas (I never really do after all)…but it’s been exciting to me because I’ve been starting to get some of my friends interested (or at least saying they are interested) in getting involved in some of the things I have going on!

In no particular order:

My friend Heath (who I actually met via Draftwizard in the first place) and I have been talking for years about various fantasy football projects…while we’ve done some action on a few of our ideas here and there, the reality is that our schedules have never really given us time to give it any focus. Rumor has it that could change very soon though…and so we are already bouncing emails, phone calls, and ideas around. Our first focus is probably going to be Draftwizard.com related…but we do have a handful of other things we want to try.

My friend Pat and I have been talking about a handful of ideas/projects as well…today I introduced him to a bit more of botfu.com and he seemed pretty interested/excited in it (turns out he’s done some other game-like things in the past as well)…so we are going to talk more about it and see if we can’t improve the base I’ve got started…we’re also still talking about doing something around fantasy hockey (and so down the road I might try to introduce him and Heath so we can make it a larger, better project).

My friend Charlie (technically I don’t know if he considers me a friend or just a contact since I haven’t known him that long, but on my end, and in my world, he classifies as a friend)…anyway, he’s starting to pull together a handful of people to talk more about a few of his ’re-blogging’ ideas and needs…and, thanks mostly to the fubnub.com stuff I’ve been bouncing off of him, he included me in the group!

So all of these little leads have come up in the last couple of days…and I don’t know if any real action will come out of any of them…but it’s exciting none the less and helps to kick my butt into gear so that I start doing more on each of these projects!

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