Little action, lots of reaction...

Well the NFL season kicked off last night, and though I swore up, down, left and right that I would not be running the stats service again this year - there I was, once again, hacking away feverishly as the game started trying to work out last minute kinks and issues.

So once again I know where that “nice guys finish last” line feels like. Still, I would rather be the nice guy, do the right thing, and go to bed each night feeling good about myself than have a little more extra cash in my pocket.

Anyway, aside from that last minute stats crunch, I’m doing a ton of behind the scenes things on BotFu right now. Some of it’s tech related stuff, some of it’s idea collection and dumping, and some of it’s just trying to build a core team and passion around the idea(s). That last part (getting a team) has been the area I’ve felt like I’ve been missing for the past few years as I bounce between all my personal projects trying to get one to “hit”. So far, for botfu, it’s going really well though…so my hopes are currently quite high.

I have a lot to share about the various parts that are coming together behind the scenes on botfu, but as usual, I don’t have the time to share it all right now…so instead, I’m just going to say that there’s a lot of action and that I’ll be updating you on it very soon I promise.

Outside of all of this, I’m also going to be meeting with a few people on Monday about a related idea that I think could prove to be very interesting. If nothing else, I think it’s going to be fun to get in a room with the people Charlie pulled together and white board some ideas. So you can probably expect at least a little something from that experience to be thrown here next week too.

Now I guess I better get back to cleaning up the stats systems, building out botfu, improving fubnub, consulting for and oh yeah, that day job thing at Bowker. When you look at my to-do list, you would probably think I’m pulling in some big bucks eh? Then you refer back to the top of this post and remember that ‘nice guy’ thing…and you gotta feel just a little sad for me don’t you? Ah, but some day…some day…some day…

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