Seth Godin's kickstarter experiment...

In case you haven’t seen or heard about it yet, Seth Godin decided to do a little kickstarter experiment today…if it worked, he promised to put out a new book (prob. in Jan. of next year)…and work it did…he reached his min. funding goal in about three short hours!

On one hand I’m excited and impressed with this result, and on the other I’m not at all surprised (Seth has one of the largest and most crazed tribes of true fans I’ve ever seen – I’m pretty sure he could put fortune cookie quotes in a bag with dog poo, and they would *still* sell out; and knowing Seth, readers would *still* be getting a ton of value from those quotes!)

Anyway - if you haven’t yet, it’s worth checking out the project on kickstarter -> and seeing what all the hala-balloo is about (while you’re there, why not get in on some of the action with a pledge of your own?)

Oh and by the way, here’s your ’FREE PRIZE’ for reading this post…Seth’s blog is searchable via ;-)

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