Small safety tip.

Just thought I would point this out…if you are doing say 50 MPH down a curvey, hilly, back road in the woods on your motorcycle you should probably keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to what you are doing.

Tonight I took the back roads on the bike to go nab some subway for dinner…for whatever reason, I got distracted by something (I think it was a brain fart) and when I looked up I was a couple of inches away from heading off a small cliff and into some big (and unfriendly) woods. YIKES!

Being scared, I naturally gunned it and leaned into the turn hard. My heart was thumping a mile a minute but I got through it all with no lasting marks (that I know of).

The funny thing is that once it was over and I realized that I was going to live (and didn’t get hurt at all)…I thought it was REALLY fun!

I guess it’s that potential for death at any minute that makes riding a bike somewhat of a kick (but it has to be combined with the act of actually living – otherwise it’s not fun at all).

When I think about it, that’s sort of why I like coding too…I’m convinced that if I just figure out the right things to type one day my computer is going to literally explode possibly killing me (or at least my career).

I just hope it doesn’t take out my bottle of Mountain Dew at the same time!

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