Some of my 'big' problems with the current state of the internet

1. There’s still no great tool to help me categorize and organize everything that I’ve got access to. Though I now have access to it all, I can’t actually keep up with everything everyone is saying and doing. There isn’t even a decent tool to quickly summarize/review everything when I’ve got time/interest to catch up.

2. I’ve got to be proactive. It’s all out there and available, but I’ve got to go look for it. I’ve got to be the one initiating the search. People say “news finds them” but the reality is, it only finds them when they are actively waiting for it (ie. they are constantly checking and engaging with their email, google, twitter, facebook, etc.).

3. Engagement isn’t really happening at scale or moving forward. The ‘real’ communities on the internet are only occurring at a very few select locations…and they are generally around specific bits of content. The best options at the moment tend to be a weak conversation with a stranger in public (ala disqus), a weak conversation with a friend from the real world (ala facebook), or a quick one-liner with someone who’s opinion you value (ala twitter).

Actually, as great and interesting as the internet is, if you take a second to look around you’ll find lots more 'problems’ than just the ones I list above…but these three are at the top of my personal list right now.

What’s on your list?

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