Some things on my mind.

Now that summer is all but over, and my kids are officially back in school (K and 3rd grade already!), it’s time to do a quick reality check and get myself organized again.

As part of that, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and moved my blog over to Tumblr. Overally a pretty simple and clean process of just exporting my old posts from my legacy DB (a PostrgreSQL datastore with a PHP front end) and then writing and running a few lines of Python to import it all into Tumblr.  You can find the results now at - of course now I’ve got to go through each post and clean up any formatting issues or dead links I can find (though to be honest I’m in no hurry to do this so it may be awhile).

Beyond that fairly simple update I’m also thinking about a few other clean up projects…the biggest of which is for  At the moment, that service has just under 15,000 users and is attempting to build thousands and thousands of Twitter lists a day.

I say attempting, but honestly in it’s current version, it takes way too long to generate that many lists (so many are not getting rebuilt every day but rather every few days)…so I’m actively working on moving the entire system off a batch process setup and into Twitter site streams.

I just got around to starting this update last night and I think it will only take me a few more hours to finish it up (once I find the motivation to sit and code out the rest of the updates)…and once I do, I think the system will be ready to scale up to another 15k plus users. So I am excited to see what the new system can handle.

Continuing with the theme of cleanup, I’ve also recently shut down was another simple service that would send you an email when you were at mentioned on Twitter (and allow you to respond via simply replying to that email). In it’s hey day it had about 1,500 active users and was sending about 70,000 emails a month…but Twitter finally released much of the same functionality this past Spring and, as is sadly a common theme with many of my projects, I was not making any money offering the service (I was just covering the server and email costs out of my own pocket)…so it was time to finally close it down.

Outside of general clean up and organization, I’ve been spending a lot of my time thinking about and partially hacking on (of course),, and a simple iPhone app I’ve been wanting to build for awhile now (more details to come on that soon).

As school is just starting, I’m also continuing my role as an active member of my kids’ interests…so I’m still the Cub Master of Pack 59 and I’m helping coach Flag football again…but I’m also now a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Tech. committee (the school our kids attend) and as such, I’ve been throwing together some reorganization ideas/designs for our school website as well as the web site the school uses to interact with students and parents.

Plus I’ve got a handful of other interesting things brewing that I’m not quite ready to publicly share just yet (but stay tuned)…

So Fall is just about here, football is *finally* back, the kids are off to school…and I’m busy as usual…but loving every minute of it!

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