Staying positive

I had breakfast with a tech friend of mine a couple of weeks ago…as usual we spent a good amount of the time talking about various technologies and tech. challenges that we’ve been digging into since we last connected.

One of the interesting things he asked me during the course of the breakfast though was “how do you stay so positive?”. He was specifically talking about how draining and painful it can be to hit so many tiny little hiccups in tech…and how long it can take to track down and fix a given bug (often full days lost).

My answer was that, honestly, I don’t.

In fact, I’m often in a really frustrated and bad mood…and not only because of programming challenges (though they do fill a certain amount of my bad mood time). Starting a business, especially in the *very* early days, is probably about 98% frustrating…and though I love it as well, parenting, is also filled with frustrating/angry moments.

However, I try really hard to acknowledge when I’m in a bad mood or frustrated about something…and I do my very best to keep that negativity completely focused on just the specific thing that is bothering me (this is a skill that has taken A LOT of practice over my life).

When something is really eating at me I try to step away for a bit…focus on something else. Find an easy win. Breathe. And then refocus.

The other thing I generally do, as much as possible, is keep the negative mood to myself. I’ve found dwelling on it and sharing it with others tends to only amplify it…and so I can see why the outside world could think I’m always positive.

I’m not…but I really like that people think I am! ;-)

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