'Tis the Season for a Tigerbow Post Mortem



Every holiday season, folks reach out to talk to me about the gifting market because of my first startup. It was called Tigerbow and it let people send real gifts to email addresses (and Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, mobile phones, etc.) I poured my heart and soul into it for 2-3 years and it failed. Facebook’s (re)launch of Gifts and the holiday season got me thinking that I ought to finally do a post mortem. It’s been a few years and another startup so forgive my memory, but here goes….

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Some good lessons for sure…the other one I would add is:

“Be mindful of where you are hitching your wagon” – it is a massive uphill battle if your path to revenue is tied to getting outside parties to help you (in this case, messing with their shopping cart software).  It’s much better to have your revenue directly tied to something you own/control (duh?)

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