Today's random idea: Meta Inbox Dashboard

I use (and love) gmail for all my email. Because I own about 80 domains, I have tons of different email addresses…but really they all just flow into my one centralized gmail inbox (falicon33 at gmail in case any of you ever want to reach out to me directly btw).

Anyway, in thinking about my email a bit last night I started to wonder, why doesn’t email come with a dashboard view?

How come I can’t easily get a list of all the URL’s that have been shared with me via email over time?  How can I quickly see how many times I’ve interacted with a given contact? How can I get a quick list of just the new people who email me that I have yet to have ever responded to?  How can I get a quick list of just the email newsletters/commercial email I get? What domains do I get the most email from? What topics or keywords do I interact via email with the most? What topics are trending in my email communications lately?

There are a million other little questions like this that I could come up with…some are just one-time useful things I would like to be able to have some insight into while others are actually very powerful options that could completely change my email workflow (and make me much more productive).

The interesting thing to me about this idea is that I think all the meta data to answer most of these questions is already available within a given inbox (of course it would take a bit of data massaging, NLP, and intelligent design/decisioning to be any good – but I think that’s all the fun challenge part of this idea). 

Maybe someone has already done some of this. If they have, I just don’t know about it yet (but would love to check it out - so let me know in the comments!).

In any case, it seems like an obvious thing to me for someone to put together, though I don’t know if there’s really any money in it (which by the way is a horrible reason for doing or not doing something).

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