Today's random idea: mobile video review app.

Purpose: to get quick, human, feedback/reviews/opinions/suggestions on any product, brand, or service.

Basic Features:

1. Record feature: app gives user simple feature to record 30 seconds to 1 minute of video (with audio), add some quick and simple tags, and then release it to the network (basically move it into the app cloud where it awaits searches/views/votes).  The instructions around using this feature should frame the users intentions around reviewing products/services in the real world (eg. just saw The Hunger Games movie? Post a 30 second reaction/review using this app, tag it as Hunger Games, and move along). 

2. Watch feature: app gives user simple search feature that is used to search tags on submitted posts. Users can scroll through the results and watch the ones that are of most interest to them (they can then vote the ones they watch as helpful/not – a-la amazon reviews). The instructions around using this feature should frame the users intentions around getting advice at point of purchase/decision (eg. At the shake shack and not sure what to get? Search for ‘shake shack order’ and see what people are suggesting).  Bonus Feature: Allow users to narrow the search results to videos of just their friends (use existing social networks or have them build out one specific to this app – could base it on videos from the people they find most interesting/helpful within the app).

The disclaimer:

I like this idea, but it’s not something I’m going to build (or even put much additional thought into). Like many of my random ideas I get, it came to me while thinking over some other random thoughts about mobile, social, and the real world.

Most times, when I get these ideas I think about them for a bit, maybe jot some notes down about the idea in one of many notebooks I’ve got around my house…think maybe someday I’ll work on that, and then basically forget about it.

But I’ve decided rather than just let these random ideas die in notebook around my house…I might as well let them die out here on my blog instead. So I’m going to make more of an effort to jot them down and share them here going forward.

Who knows, maybe someone, somewhere can get inspired by one or two and do something with it?

So borrow the good ones (free of charge), ignore the bad, and let’s talk in the comments about everything in between! ;-)

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