tomorrow is the day!

So tomorrow is supposed to be the day that the semantic hacker winner is announced (if there is one)…being that nobody has contacted me, it’s probably a safe bet that if there is a winner…I’m certainly not it. Ah well, it was a fun tangent, and I do still use the API right here on this very blog (to filter out spam comments).

It also gave me enough of a taste of semantic ideas to know it’s an area I want to spend more time and energy on going forward…so it’s all good.

Speaking of all good, I took a little while tonight to throw together a simple little (generic) chat feature for tonight…and as I was releasing/testing it three of my friends happened to stumble into it and play around with it for me as well…very cool. Even better is that it more or less worked as intended (so far). There are a lot of design and usability related things to clean up around it…but it’s a very encouraging start.

I also spent a little time working on implementing some of my ideas for a karma system for botfu players (the idea being that some players will be ‘bad’ guys and some will be 'good’ guys…and it’s all based on your actions around the site and who you fight/beat up)…it’s very crude math right now, but it’s another area that I think is showing some really nice early potential.

To be honest I haven’t spent a ton of time diving into some of the other games online (yet), but from the little time I have spent in some of the other 'popular’ browser-based games out there right now…I really think we are building something that goes a lot further…

I guess we’ll see as it’s going to come down to the real players…they’ll be the ones that decide if the game/system is any good!

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