Twitter is sitting on a million gold mines!

So I got to talking to a couple of different people today about the idea I posted last night and variations (and tangents) we could take it in…and all that chatter got me excited enough to start playing with some code. As usual, I didn’t have a ton of time to really sit and design what I wanted or play around with all the things I *could* do…but I did have enough time to do a little proof of concept script for myself. Believe it or not, it’s actually VERY trivial to get started with the idea…here’s a bare-bones Perl script that is at the core of my ‘step 2’ mentioned yesterday.

use HTTP::Request::Common qw(GET); use LWP::UserAgent; use JSON::XS; $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new; my $req = GET “”; $response = $ua->request($req)->{’_content’}; $jsondata = decode_json $response; $results = $jsondata->{'results’}; foreach my $result (@$results) {   print $result->{from_user} . “ ” . $result->{text}, “\n\n”; }
What the above code does so far is just dump out results like this:
drules2 just finished reading a good book the crow temple of night and about to start on another one JaysonShawver [Utterli] Reading 10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job… LaMarichola Reading Roberto Gonzalez piece on the Immigrant Youth Movement sandraarico About to have some brekky…started reading “Bringers of the Light” last night, seems like just what i needed at the moment foreverlex @XXLStaff : wow and the responses on your stie to this are priceless.. *goes back to reading* gas700girl couldn’t sleep. tried reading now given up and got up. What’s on telly? jmaxwilson Recommended Reading: Heroes At The Taj jmaxwilson Recommended Reading: Twitter and LDS General Conference anneglamore @guykawasaki These are great tips, especially to get boys reading. I’ve used many of them with great success. Hooray Calvin & Hobbes! fremontblog Reading next year’s Chase’s Calendar of Events. kathisharpe praying for everyone’s safety - I keep reading tweets from folks faced with a drive home in nasty weather! kishau Reading RT @styletime 10 Ways to Excite Your Blog’s Readers - annabethblue @CoolB Good reading and good morals! What could be better? (well, ok, the Bible maybe…but you know what I mean. LOL) tenzinjampa reading “The Golden Shield Project” justinkistner Just got a 61 page World Bank article from @ethanbauley on measuring social capital. Looking forward to reading it!!:)
What’s really exciting about all of this though, is that with just a few more lines of regex code, some intelligent nuruel network stuff (and as luck would have it I know a genious for that sort of thing), and perhaps a mashup of a few more API (like say Amazon) and you could build some really insightful and powerful things! In fact, I’ve alerady got a handful of personal things I want to use this sort of concept for…and if I’ve got some things I’d like to learn from the dataset, I know there are at least a few gobs of others who will as well (with deeper pockets and more pressing needs for this knowledge). Now tell me that’s not exciting!?

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