When the kids aren't listening...

One of the biggest challenges I still struggle with from time to time in my youth coaching is when you lose the kid’s attention…how do you get them back on track and inline?

You can yell and scream and threaten…but that tends to scare off most of the younger kids and just really isn’t very effect unless used very sparingly.

You can make them run laps or do extra ‘tough’ drills…but lots of times the kids think that’s fun and def. don’t think of it as a punishment to be avoided.

You can make one or two sit out…but then they aren’t really learning the skills you are trying to work on (and they are not helping the rest of the kids either).  Even when this approach works, it only works when there are only one or two kids acting up.

So there really are no great answers (that I’ve found).  The best option I’ve found so far is to break for water and then use that water break to regroup into a different drill or way to teach the skill.

Usually the regroup and reset will help get things back under control for at least a little bit…but on some days (like today) even this doesn’t work for very long.

On those days, if it’s an option, I generally just end practice early (you have to know when you’re beat for a given day – and live to fight another).

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