Yes - there is a tomorrow.

I’ve been destroyed as of late for time…which in some ways has been a really good thing because I have a lot of exciting things starting to come together and keeping me busy…but it also means that I haven’t found even the few minutes it usually takes me to ramble on around here lately. Sorry.

In any case, I’m heading back in this direction now and have a few things to update you about:

1. My wife is still unsure if she’ll have a job from day to day (as of this moment she is still working for Lehman Brothers). Though it’s mass confusion, and a constant state of flux right now, she’s actually handling the situation very well and has been in good spirits…just one of the many reasons I wanted to marry her so bad (and am thankful that she agreed…or was it gave in to my begging?)…she’s amazingly strong and good willed.

2. I’ve pulled a team of people together to start cranking out stuff for Hero Brawl (formerly and it’s all starting to come together very fast. Millions of things to do to get it just ‘right’ (whatever that actually means)…but it’s a lot of fun and going very well so far.

3. Related to the Hero Brawl idea, I did come up with another fairly lame facebook idea today…it shouldn’t take too long to build, so I’ll probably try to crank that out in the next couple of days too.

4. Thanks to my active blog reading (and comment posting) I’ve got myself set up for a meeting next week with a VERY smart and experienced marketing guy…we are going to talk about the fantasy sports market/world…but he’s also got some gaming background…so it’s an awesome connection on multiple fronts. Hopefully I can provide something to the conversation besides my usual drool ;-)

5. Speaking of fantasy sports and stats…statsfeed limped through the first week, but flopped in the second week (I was traveling)…depressing on one hand and a huge relief on the other (I was not prepared to have to support it this year). I’m still considering dusting it off and going at it next year…but I’m happy to have this season off.

6. I’ve officially set an end-date for Bowker and a (re)start date for…Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st respectively. I’ve offered to consult for Bowker as my schedule permits and they seem open to that…but we’ll see what actually develops from it when the time comes.

7. To organize the plans and ideas for hero brawl I grabbed an open source wiki software package and threw it behind simple apache security on one of my various unused domains…problem was that the open source version I grabbed was not that solid (especially for MS SQL database)…so I had to hack a bunch of it to get it tweaked the way I wanted/needed…but I think it’s all good now (at least for our immediate needs). In the end, I probably saved some time, but not much had I wrote it from scratch…and the downside is that, since I didn’t write it from scratch, it’s still not quite how I really want it (so tweaks and bug fixes take me longer)…but it works, and it’s just a tool for us to get to the other work I really want to do…so I can’t get side tracked too much by it.

8. I missed out on @shakeshack tonight (scheduling conflict) but I heard it was really good…as it’s shapping up right now, I’ll probably miss out on the whole web 2.0 conference this year…but I hope it goes well for everyone else and lots of good deals get done!

I’ve got more…but honestly I’m wiped out from juggling all this around in my head and don’t feel like typing out any more of the quick hits…so I’ll leave it at that.

Actually, one final tidbit…I’m 1-1 in both of the fantasy football leagues I really care about this year…too early to say if that’s a good thing or not…but at least I beat two of my rivals with those wins in each league!

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