$1,000 Project


I’ve been wrapped up a bit this week and am on the road today, so I’ve been slow to get the word out about our latest program at Orbital, aptly called the Orbital 1K.

I wrote about it here via our Tinyletter.

The backstory is that the project, which originated in the Entrepreneurial Design class that Christina Cacioppo and I co-created in 2012, continues to be a potent tool for teaching people to launch.  It creates an opportunity to learn about constraints, iteration, negotiating the unknown, building and leveraging networks, and much more, by challenging the students to work in public.

So, this Spring/Summer, we’re going to try it out at Orbital.

If you’re interested, read the newsletter announcement linked above and then let us know here.

For additional background, here are some posts I’d recommend reading:

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