2012 Atlanta Falcons.

Anyone that knows me in person probably knows that I’m a HUGE Atlanta Falcons fan. And for those that only know me online, you probably guessed as much as well.

Heck even my online identity is born out of my love for the Falcons (falicon is a made up word from the combination of Falcons and icon – I created it in the early 90s to be a username I could generally get anywhere online).

So as you can imagine, I’m *really* enjoying this 2012 season.

If I’m being totally honest, I’m still very nervous for what will happen in the playoffs this year…but I have to say after suffering year after year of inconsistent play and performance, I’m really just thrilled the Falcons have started to be a year-after-year serious contender recently.

Hopefully this is the year we take the next step, and *finally* get that first super bowl win. If not, well at least we’ve had another great season that has been really fun to watch and full of hope (and anxiety)…and as long as we don’t regress next season, I’ll be mostly content for now.

Either way - I remain a fan and full of hope!

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