A great day of football.

The Falcons lost another close, but entertaining, game today…that seems to be par for the course this year. Frustrating as always, but also out of my control and so I try not to let it get me down too much (each tough loss used to really put me in a bad mood for days).

Meanwhile, the other games around the league were all important or interesting in one way or another…and all of them were pretty exciting games in their own right.

I was really hoping to see Arizona win (and have the Saints lose)…and even though I’m not a Steelers fan at all, I was rooting for them to get in because they were such a long shot (and the Chargers game took it all the way to OT before we finally got an answer).

Now that we are basically set on the playoff picture (the Cowboys and Eagles have yet to play as I write this – but it’s essentially a playoff game itself)…it’s time to pick the teams to root for (since the Falcons aren’t one of the options).

On the AFC side, I would like to see the Bengals or the Broncos this year…the Broncos seem like the best shot…and really I just want someone to knock the Patriots out and I’ll be OK with any of the others this year.

On the NFC side, I’m pulling for the Panthers (which is odd because they are a divisional rival) or the Eagles…both are super long shots in my mind and I really wouldn’t mind the Seahawks winning it this year either.  Actually the only team I really want out is the Saints (and the Packers if they win and get in – right now they are down by one).

Regardless the NFL has to be thrilled to have such a great and exciting final week play out as it did…the league was unpredictable as always and though there is a good amount of parity throughout, the actual records showed a big split between good and bad teams this year…which should make for an exciting offseason as well.

It’s what I love about the game as whole…there’s always next year.

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