A peek inside of knowabout.it

I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump this week unmotivated to really dig into any specific topic, so I thought today I would just share a few screen shots and details on what’s available when you auth into knowabout.it (via Twitter)

The core feature is what I call a ‘people based view’ of your Twitter home timeline. The list on the right is made up of avatars of the people you follow, who have shared at least one link recently.

The system only pulls the latest 200 tweets to have passed through your stream (the max for a single API request) - so the length and freshness of the list will vary greatly depending on how many people you follow, and how many links they share.

The order of the list is based on the recency that they have shared a link…so the top right corner should be the user who shared the most recent link into your stream, and the bottom left corner should be the user with oldest share out of the current list.

When you click on any one of the avatars, you get just the list of tweets with links that user has recently put into your stream.

Here’s what it looks like (I clicked on @dandotlewis – who btw you should be following him too):

Just below the avatars is a link that says 'by domain’…if you click on that, you’ll get a breakdown of the domains that were shared with you (instead of the avatars).

Clicking on any of the domains brings up the list of tweets that contained those links.

Here’s what that looks like (I clicked on bit.ly so I could see who was sharing bit.ly links with me; and about what):

Digging into the links being shared with you is the 'core’ of the logged in knowabout.it experience right now…but there is one other important feature that I get a lot of value out of. Alerting.

The alerting service monitors hacker news, reddit, usv.com, and gawk.it and will send you an email either once a day or as soon as it discovers content that matches your settings.

There are a variety of options for setting up alerting, but the basic details are that you pick a name, enter in the key words you want to be alerted on, list the system that you want monitored, and then finally provide details about how you want the alerts delivered.

Here’s how that looks.

Once you do that, you’ll start getting alerts.

So anyway - just a quick peek into the basics of what knowabout.it has to offer…if you have a few minutes, hopefully it motivates you to hop out and give it a try yourself (it’s free).

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