A small but important reminder to myself...

I wrote this as a quick response to a discussion going on over on the NextNY list (while watching the VP debate with my lovely wife)…as my loyal readers know, I’m easily impressed with myself at times (few and far between really even though it probably doesn’t seem like that to you)…anyway this was another of them…so I’m going to share my thoughts with you now as well:

Many times attempting to be cute or clever with your marketing or communications has just the opposite of the intended effect with your audience. Just because you know what your talking about and are ‘inside’ on the joke doesn’t mean that the people you are trying to reach will 'get’ it or even know that it’s meant to be a joke…straight talk can be boring, but it’s rarely misundertsood. Straight talk, keeping it simple, getting to the point – that’s the route to go 99% of the time!
I think this is good advice and something that I continue to struggle with every day. Even with Hero Brawl, it’s hard to keep in mind that our players and potential players are not involved in the day-to-day discussions and behind-the-scenes events that those of us working on the project find so funny and interesting. So I have to keep reminding myself of this advice, making sure that we keep things clear and simple. It’s harder than you might think…but I’ll keep trying :)

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