Above all else...

Starting a company has many challenges. There’s always more that could be done, more that should be done, more that would be nice to get done…than there are hours in day or resources available to make it all happen.

Some outside forces will be rooting for you, some will be rooting against you, most will be ignoring you. You’ll be pulled in a million directions at once.

Advice will flow. Opinions will be shared. Doubts will rise, fall, and rise again by the minute.

Through it all, the thing to remember and the thing to focus on above all else is your business. Just build your business.

Solve the need for your customers, and all the other problems and challenges can be figured out…but let any of the other million needs/wants/challenges pull you away from solving that core problem for your actual customers – from building your business – and you’ll simply have no shot.

So above all else, build your business.

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