James Avery has a great post called “How I learned to stop giving advice”.

I’m meeting with a lot of people right now, so I’m hearing a lot of advice. Throughout all of it, I don’t actually think anyone has been an “asshole” for sharing their opinions and thoughts, but I also am being *very* selective about what bits I’m actually taking action on.

However, there are a few people who I’ve already met with that have lots of experience in our general market. When these people talk about their first-hand experiences and what they’ve learned throughout their journies, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m listening (and taking lots of notes).

So far that sort of advice has been very exciting and motivating (in validating some of our early assumptions) and has also helped to keep us on track and ditch parts of the plan/product that sound interesting on paper (but are likely more fluff than fantastic features).

Anyway - I’m enjoying the process of getting out there and telling our story, getting advice and opinions from everyone, and even the harder work of trying to filter out just what to listen to and act upon.

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