Aliens and Artificial Intelligence.

I believe there is intelligent life on other planets somewhere…but I also believe that it’s probably so far away that our chances of finding and interacting with it are super tiny (like insanely, super, *astronomically* tiny).

Still, given enough time and focus, I believe contact will be made. The problem is that, even if we had the focus, we as a species probably don’t have enough time.

However - let’s say they/we really do want to give it a shot…and let’s say we supsect a number of planets around disntant stars that *may* support life (in fact this is already a reality)…doesn’t it reason that our first efforts to check it out are going to be via unmanned probes/devices?

And though we are not really all that technologically advanced or evovled, we are already not too far off from what we could consider true artificial intelligence (AI)…doesn’t it make sense that we would want/need to take advantage of AI – at least in our initial efforts – to cross such distances and time?

Even for something as close as Mars you can see all of this already playing out (minus most of the AI stuff since we aren’t quite there yet AND Mars is close enough to allow for more Remote Control [R/C] than AI). I don’t see why we wouldn’t continue down this path/approach as we (eventually) move further and further into space.

Now let’s flip all of this so that *we* are the ones another species is trying to discover…if intelligent life out there is similar to us in any way, even if they are millions of years ahead of us in the efforts…they would likely have the same problem(s).

Finding us, and especially reaching us, would be nearly impossible for their biological species (at least at first). It seems to me that they would also likely start with AI driven probes/drones…and these drones would be more about observation and data collection (with little-to-no regard to emotional things like worrying about being discovered or attacked).

Assuming they identified our planet as a potential life-supporting entity, and that they are at least a few million years ahead of us, they would like start with missions to orbit/explore our system…then move on to missions to land/crash on various planets in our system…and then finally to start to land and explore each of our planets (i.e. focus on actual communication).

All of this is a long winded way of saying that, while I *do* believe intelligent life exists out there somewhere…I do not believe they have found/contacted us in any way (yet)…and if/when they do, it will likely just be their robots for a LONG LONG LONG time (and no, they wouldn’t be anything like the Borg – but that’s a rambling I’ll save for another day)…

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