All my current 'production' products...

Right now I own about 58 domains, but only 7 of them are actually in some state of ‘production code’ right now…they are: - the game I’ve been working on with my kids (and blogging about recently). - the umbrella site for the LLC that I operate my personal projects under. - the weekend hack (and mobile app) Mike and I put together and have since evolved into the initial, light-weight ’COACH WIZARD product’.

It’s got it’s own mission (To make it quick and easy for anyone to find, learn, and keep score for any game - forever [and our personal goal is to be the worlds largest database of real-world, physical, games])…but really it’s almost entirely a subset of what we are doing with COACH WIZARD just focused on a tangent data set (games). - the conversation search engine installed on some popular blogs such as,, and (to name a few). The system is about 18 months old now and continues to run pretty well at it’s small scale. I haven’t done any work on the system or the product since Jan. (outside of a small bug fix here or there as they are brought to my attention). - the alternate view to active Disqus conversations (also installed on I initially built this to test some features I was working on behind the scenes of and just released it because Fred and Daniel both had positive responses when I shared it with them. I coded it out in a weekend, and haven’t really touched the code since. - the recent and active conversation monitoring service. The current version of this is really just a few features that I had orig. put into but that didn’t really fit with the specific mission of that service…so I broke those features out to their own domain/service and made this 'one page’ site. I have, happily, not had to touch the code on this once since as well. - the mobile app for parents to 'report to santa’ if their kids are being naughty or nice. I built this over a weekend about two years ago (via phonegap) and have not touched it since. On the plus side, it has a little over 15,000 installs and continues to get more every day (especially as Christmas approaches). I continue to think I should take time to upgrade the app (and include some affiliate list things in so that parents can give kids goals to work towards)…but haven’t bothered to take any time to actually do it.

…and that’s all my 'production’ things at the moment (really not that much when you look at this way).

Perhaps soon I’ll also break down the (much longer) list of non-production historical code I’ve got sitting around…and of course more details about my 'in-process’ things which right now is really just 'COACH WIZARD’.

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