And now for the same thing, completely different.

I’ve got a lot of really exicting stuff in the works right now, and because I’m anxious to get back into building them (so I can then release them and introduce you to them), I’m going to take the easy way out tonight and just post a PHP version of the Perl key generation script I shared the other day.

It basically does all the same things as the script I mentioned the other (takes an integer and generates a base 36 key), it’s just in PHP this time around. I did this version because the front end of the site is actually in PHP (and the backend monitoring scripts are in Perl)…so I needed a version of the code in both to keep everything in sync. depending on where/when a record would be inserted into the long tweets table.

Anyway here’s the code, enjoy.

function base_conv($num) {
  $remainder = $num % 36;
  $value = round($num / 36);
  $row = array($value, $remainder);
  return $row;

function generate_key($id) {
  $continue = 1;
  $slot = 0;
  $key = “”;
  $bits = array();
  $control = array();
  $remainder = 0;
  while ($continue) {
    $check = base_conv($id);
    $id = $check[0];
    $remainder = $check[1];
    array_push($bits, $remainder);
    if ($id == 0) { $continue = 0; }
  foreach (range(‘A’,'Z’) as $value) {
    $control[$slot] = “$value”;
  foreach (range(0,9) as $value) {
    $control[$slot] = “$value”;
  foreach ($bits as $rev) {
    $key .= $control[$rev];
  return $key;

$id = 0;
if (isset($_REQUEST['id’])) { $id = $_REQUEST['id’]; }
$key = generate_key($id);
// just show the generated key to the user
echo $key;

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