And we're back!

Did you miss me? I didn’t think so!

Anyway, lots to get into since it’s been about five days without much computer time. I’ll just rapid fire the first few things off my head:

1. The family vacation was fun. We kept it fairly local (only about 2 and ½ hours from our house), so it was also fairly low key. Overall I think the kids enjoyed themselves and that’s the most important thing. I also think my wife enjoyed the trip (as much as any adult can enjoy Dutch Wonderland and Thomas the Tank Engine)…and except for Fathers day where I was too sick to get out of bed, I had a lot of fun too. I wonder where the next amazing trip my wife will plan will take the family? I can’t wait to find out!

2. I was able to use my phone to keep up with most of my email through the weekend, but I did not check my google reader until I got home…there were over 400 blog posts waiting for me to consume…most of which were your basic junk that I just skimmed the headlines and then marked as read…but a few interesting topics did seem to pop up over the weekend that I wished I had had a chance to get into the discussion about while they were still hot.

The topic I missed that I found the most interesting was related to Fred Wilson talking about widgets and comments (specifically this and this post)…in my mind the idea is sort of a result of both of these problems and implemented more fully could be a very sweet solution to it all.

The interesting thing about all of this of course is that once Fred blogs about something, a million other people jump on the bandwagon and reblog or chatter about it all as well…and so it becomes a hot topic that many people are aware of. So I guess the challenge for me at the moment would be to take the presence of this ‘problem’ and figure out a way to get people to connect fubnub to the solution…I’ll have to work on that I guess.

3. Related to fubnub, Charlie gave me another handful of great ideas to implement (specifically for the templates) and I hope to get to work on them in the next day or so - time permitting.

4. Since the deadline is tomorrow - once I got home today the first project I tackled was getting my semantic hacker submission finally ready…I went with the “Semantic Spam Filter” idea I’ve been mentioning around here and submitted the very code for this blog as my 'prototype’…I also tried to tease in a number of other ideas/improvements with my submission, but I’m sure those will be ignored…honestly what I’m not that happy or proud of what I submitted so I don’t have high expectations, but I figured it was worth at least putting a submission in because you never know. Note to self, next time I have an interest in something like this spend more than a couple of hours thinking about and implementing your idea!

5. Just because I’ve been following Path 101 more closely lately ideas related to that project have been bouncing around in my head…this weekend I was thinking that it might be cool to have an ESP-like game that pitted resumes against one another. The basic idea would be that you are presented with a job to fill and two resumes, you have to pick which resume you think would be best for the job. A simple game like this could produce a huge amount of useful data on resumes…and done right could be a lot of fun for people to play too (but a lot more thinking would need to go into that 'done right’ part first).

6. The best score of the vacation - I found Hulk and Thing Play-dough containers! I quickly snagged them for my ever growing collection (though the boys are dying to get at that play-dough inside so the figures on the top might be all that survives in the actual collection).

OK - that’s enough rapid fire for one night…I better get cracking on some of the things I ignored during this weekend of family fun!

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