Anniversary time!

Today marks my 7th year of marriage to my wonderful wife…so not too much in term of work, ideas, or progress to report on. We both did the ‘work’ thing during the day and then went out for a nice meal followed up by some ice cream and then a veg. out session on the couch. Not too exciting to share with everyone, but just the type of night I personally live for.

Other than that, I got a few more things in place for the job flip today including some additional plans on just what I’ll be tackling once I get going…so now that it’s getting close, I’m starting to get really excited about the plans.

I also did a power lunch with the core Hero Brawl team today and we hashed out a number of additional plans and ideas…so lots of really good things continue to develop on that path.

I’m also feeling like it’s been quite awhile since I dumped any sort of 'technical’ post out here…so I think I’m going to try and do that at some point in the next few days…of course that means I gotta come up with something I think is worth breaking down for you…I’ll have to think about that for a bit.

For now though - it’s bed time. ;-)

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