Another baby step.

I’m on kid duty again tonight (well only half way as my wife is also on kid duty at a kids birthday party with our oldest and I’m home with the younger one)…anyway, Brady’s watching a quick Dora the Explorer before bedtime and I’m attempting to do a quick blog post…let’s see how it goes!

I got some more time put into my latest Facebook application - (BEAT)DOWN and was able to implement most of the first version of things I wanted. Of course, now that I have the first version more or less together, my brain has been fixated on all the little tweaks and upgrades I could or should do to it to make it a lot more interesting and engaging (right now it’s really not engaging at all – it’s basically just a lame but slightly interactive ad for Hero Brawl).

I haven’t submitted it for inclusion into the Facebook application directory just yet (still gotta get some artwork together for it – probably going to have Pat help me with that as well)…and so I’m really debating on how much more I should put into it.

It’s not a question of what I could do, it’s more a question of what I should do…since I’m already stretched super thin trying to get Hero Brawl organized, cleaned up, and new features implemented on top of the day job, the consulting, and the various other projects I have in one state or another (I still have a long list of things I want to improve on as well!)

The tough call is that facebook, while completely lame in my mind, has gobs of users…and so it’s sort of a long hanging fruit situation. It’s one of the cheapest places to advertise for something like Hero Brawl, and done right, an app can both be an ad and potentially make money on it’s own.

So that’s the basic decision I’m weighing tonight…do I just dump out the basic BEATDOWN app as a generic e-card like app. that helps advertise Hero Brawl…or do I spend a little more time, energy, and effort to make it it’s very own game in hopes of grabbing more attention (and therefore being an even better ad for Hero Brawl)?

I’m leaning towards the later, if for no other reason than my brain is stuck on the details of turning the app into more of a game…and the best way to make me stop thinking about it is to just go ahead and do it (or at least try it). Once it’s done I’ll stop thinking about it…or once I get into the work and realize how much harder it is than what I think it will be worth…my brain will let me give up on it and move on to something more interesting.

As always - guess we’ll see in time…

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