Another reason ideas are cheap...

Over on the NextNY list a debate pops up every so often on how much an idea is really worth…and I’m usually falling on the side of “not much”.

I have lots of reasons for this stance, but the bottom line to me is that ideas aren’t worth that much because they really aren’t that hard to come up with.

Sit and think about anything for an hour or two, and I’ll be you too come up with a handful of ‘ideas’ about how to improve something, how to build something similar but different (and better), or how to apply the good parts of what you are thinking about to something completely different (thereby creating an entirely new something).

Now just imagine if you did this - thought about 'something’ - a few hours every day. I think you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s not so hard to come up with ideas (actually I think this is an exercise and point that Set Godin has attempted to make many times before as well – more proof that he’s brilliant!).

So let’s assume you’ve come up with a handful of great ideas…now what?

Well, I can tell you there’s very little chance you’re gonna get gobs-o-cash just to tell someone about the idea…no you’re probably going to have to at least starting implementing your idea (and more likely you’re going to have to fully execute your idea before any chance of making some money).

And that’s really my whole point…ideas just for the sake of an idea is pretty much worthless. You have to DO something with an idea to really make it worth anything.

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