Another reason to be open...

So I was talking some more people today about the various things and projects that are interesting me right now…and a familiar question came up once again “Aren’t you afraid someone will steal the idea or beat you to market?”

Now I understand the concern - but here’s my general take on this subject:

1. I have plenty of ideas, if someone ‘steals’ one, whatever I’ll move on to another one. In the end, I have ideas because I 'want’ things…if someone else meets my want, that’s cool.

2. If the idea can be 'stolen’ easily then there was nothing all that special about it…or at least nothing all that special about me doing it. Chances are I didn’t really have the resources or connections to take an easily stolen idea to market with any great success anyway.

3. Honestly, not that many people listen to me…so even though I blog about things, and will pretty much openly discuss whatever with whomever…not that many people (who would or could steal an idea) are really paying attention. Sure they could 'find’ it on the internet, but generally to do that you have to be looking for it first anyway…and if that’s the case, they really aren’t stealing my idea…at best we had a sim. idea and maybe they took some of my feedback and did the real work of implementing it all.

4. The real key point for me though is, I’m just trying to get better…to learn more…to do more.

I’m not trying to win the lottery (and hitting on an idea that could have been so easily 'stolen’ is basically like hitting on the lottery but probably with even worse odds)…with each idea I have I’m really just trying to take control of my life, control what I spend my time doing and thinking about all day and night, and take control of how I make a difference in the world (OK well first I’m trying to make a difference, and then I’ll be trying to take control of how I make that difference but whatever!).

And so far the only way I can see any of that happening is by doing more…exposing myself to more people…learning and experiencing more. And being more open is what that’s all about.

I think winning in the long run comes down to who works longer, harder, and smarter. To those that experience the most and are take advantage of as much as they can. And being open turns out to be a very easy way to experience more things…

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