Another small project released...

I’m still struggling a bit with finding time to get everything done in a day that I want to right now, but I am making little progress on a lot of different things. So that’s at least a little encouraging.

Tonight I was able to finally plug in Pat’s design to, clean up some of the functionality, and then tell a few people about it on Twitter.

That basically makes version one (or the beta version if you prefer) of released now.

The idea behind this new site is to help you find links that are passing through Twitter that you should find interesting…there’s a little magic applied on the back end to figure out just what tweets with links to show you…so it’s not perfect, but in my random testing I felt like it was doing a pretty good job on guessing.

One of my favorite things to do with the site so far is to put in other people’s twitter names (like FredWilson) and see what links it recommends for them…and from my experience in following and reading Fred’s blog, I really do think it gives a pretty good list of things he would probably be at least a *little* interested in.

On other news, Pat is now working on a design for, Donnie’s working on the back end bits of our momentum project (which will eventually be plugged into a lot of these little Twitter-related projects), Heath, Denise, and Phil are putting together strategy for, Steve’s working on taking our game development abilities to the next level, and my friend Terry is jumping on board to start doing some market research for

So little by little, I’m pulling in a number of my friends (and people who are way smarter than me) into all the *really interesting* things I’m working on…if nothing else it makes all of these side projects a lot more fun!

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