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I’ve been a long time fan of Fred Wilson and all that he shares with us at…but Fred’s been blogging for a really long time (at least since 2003)…and at best I discovered his blog in *maybe* 2007…so I missed at least four years of meat (and to be honest I don’t remember to read his blog every day even now).

So I wanted an easy, offline, way to go back and read his stuff from the beginning (or at least as much as I could)…I thought about trying Read it later or Instapaper but both of those still meant going through a ton of mostly manual work to mark what I wanted and even if I did that, they really didn’t have the continuous flow of one post to the next that I wanted to experience when consuming them.

What I really wanted was a simple PDF of all the posts…in chronological order so I could more or less read it like a book.

And so I hacked a few Perl scripts together and came up with a *fairly* decent version one of what I wanted…and just in case anyone else wants to also read from the start, I’ve uploaded the PDF here (but be warned it’s about 15mb - I told you he shares a lot!).

Overall and especially for the effort I put in, I’m happy with the results of the PDF, but there are a few minor things I want to warn you of (just in case you are going to use it):

1. It doesn’t include every post ever…it only grabbed the ones with text in them (and it *may* be missing even a few of those).

2. It doesn’t include any pictures or comments (though often the posts reference these things - you can use the link at the bottom of every page to jump to the real post and properly experience those things).

3. I did limited data scrubbing on this…so there may be some posts with funky characters or strange truncation…I *think* it’s pretty limited, but again, if you hit it, you should be able to use the link at the bottom of each page to jump over and experience the actual web version.

I think that’s it for now…if you’ve got time, check it out and let me know what you think (I’m prob. going to do the same for a few other blogs I really like too - so let me know if there’s one on your list you would like to do this with too).


UPDATE: I did the same thing with Mark Suster’s blog (you can get the PDF here - this one is a lot less posts, but still about 4MB because each post is generally longer).

UPDATE TWO: I uploaded an even cleaner version of the PDF on 3-24. Same link, but if you’ve got an older version already I recommend pulling down this version.

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