Big moments.

Big moments move us. We remember the big moments and the great men and woman who bring them.

But big moving moments are really only brought about as a result of many many small little moments. The kind of moments that are easily forgotten, easily ignored. Often done by average people without much planning or intention.

A women too tired to walk to the back of the bus simply sits down. And without planning, without any real intention, a movement begins.

And so it’s important to remember that one big moment may define a movement, but it doesn’t complete it.

There is always more work that must be done, more sweat that must be poured. More little moments, little actions, that must continue on.

And they must continue on so often and be so little and so mundane that people continue not to notice.

Until one day, it’s no longer a movement, it’s just the way things are. The way we think. The way we are.

Honestly I don’t think about this stuff that often, and I think that’s a good thing.

But when I do I am proud to say that I think I’m filling my life with these little mundane moments. Doing what I can, what I believe is right, regardless of the consequences – in fact often not even thinking about IF there are consequences (because doing something right and something you believe in shouldn’t be a conscious decision you make, it should just be the only logical option you have in a given situation).

I grew up thinking I was somewhat rare in these beliefs. In this mode of thinking. In my actions. At least society (and history) gave me that notion.

But as I reflect on the recent years, and I participate in more and more of the open and connected world - I see that I was wrong. It appears that many, if not most, people are also starting to live their lives this way. With these types of beliefs.

Who knows, maybe it was always this way with the majority of people and it was only a matter of technology allowing us to really share the little moments and thoughts before we had a large enough voice to make a defining moment. Or maybe it was something completely different - I don’t know.

What I do know is that, at this big moment in time, at this defining moment in time, I’m excited to be alive. To live the experience.

But, at the same time, I’m also wondering a little - what’s the big deal, isn’t it just how we are? Isn’t it just how we think and what we do? Isn’t it just us being us? And more importantly, can we all just get back to our little moments now?

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