Big plans, little time...

So this weekend I want to finish getting my slick new slicehost server set up.

Then I want to get to work on my awesome new domain (and idea): (btw - at the time of writing this the domain doesn’t actually point anywhere yet)

And I’m still toying with submitting my idea to the semantic hacker challenge (if I want to submit it, I need to polish it all up and get it in before the middle of next week).

I also want to make some more progress on the DW code cleanup project (I’m hoping to get the bulk of the mock draft stuff back up and public again).

Beyond that, there are handful of additional feeds I want to add fubnub support for (I just haven’t had time to play with them yet).

Then of course there is that pesky client work I’ve got to get finished up sooner rather than later (it’s already about a month over due!)

OH and of course I try to spend some quality time with the wife and kids on the weekends (we’re going out on a date night Sat. to see the Indiana Jones movie and check out another restaurant I’ve been wanting to get to since we moved to this area).

So you can probably tell already that I can’t possibly get to all of this stuff…but I’m going to do my best as usual…and we’ll see what each new day brings :thumbsup:

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