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Thanks in part to my trek out to watch some of the preseason last night, I spent a lot of today in power-catch-up mode…so while I have nothing too major to report on right now, I can feel good about a few small things:

1. I’m almost done porting the old DW challenges from Coldfusion to PHP…as soon as I finish it up, I’m going to clean up the data related to those, and then re-release them to the general public.

2. I officially sold my first copy of the Draftwizard Fantasy Football draft magazine! Sure it was a friend who bought it and my profit is a measly $0.95…but it’s still cool and exciting. I really do think it’s going to be worth doing something more involved with it all next season.

3. Motivated by that sale, I went ahead and updated the homepage to try and ‘sell’ more copies…I also added in a 'buy the PDF’ version (for a mere $1.95).

4. I got to see the latest updates in automatic action over on Charlie’s blog … it’s the same stuff that ran last week, but technically this was the first time it ran via the automatic/scheduled stuff…so it was cool to see it go off without problems :)

5. Most important of all, today was my wife’s birthday! So we got to have some ice cream cake from Zitas…wahoo!!!

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