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One of the really interesting things to me about music is the fact that while most songs are fairly short pieces of work…the really good ones, you are happy to experience over and over and over. And as you experience them again and again, you often find yourself reliving a specific point in time, or experiencing a specific emotion that you had when you first heard the song.

Most digital media - ie. blogs, tweets, and even most videos do not have the same lasting effect on me.

It’s rare that I read something online and then want to read it again later…even more rare that one of these bits of media stirs up any sort of emotion (other than regret for having wasted my time/energy in consuming some of it).

I think this is because most people do not treat the content creation process of a blog, a tweet, or even a video with the same sense of passion that musicians do when creating music…the idea that they are creating ‘art’ seems to be lost on most (myself included as most everything I ramble on about is in the read-once-at-best, forget-almost-immediatly realm).

Still there are some people out there that really do create art with their thoughts, evoke emotion with their opinions…and they probably do it almost entirely by accident (the bastards).

To me, Whitney McNamara’s blog is one of those exceptions. He doesn’t write often, but when he does it always seems to be chocked full of high quality thought and deep meaing…and I often find myself going back over time to re-read and ponder the things he’s shared and moved on from. Each time I do, they take my brain in a different direction and spark a million different thoughts, ideas and opinions.

To me, that’s the whole point and I wish I could find more people sharing like Whitney.

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