My friend Rohan has a post up today called “why blog”.

In it he references a Matt Mullenweg post around the same topic, and then goes on to give his own personal reasons and thoughts behind blogging – all of which are *my* personal beliefs/reasons for, and approach to, blogging as well.

In the comments on his post, there is a mini conversation about the pace of blogging and the intent for the audience (BTW - you often find the best content/conversation in the comments area of smaller blogs).

This also hit home for me.

Since August I’ve been writing a post a day - it’s an intentional pace, and I keep a running list (in Trello) of random topics that I might want to ramble on about at some point.

When I first started blogging, I did it every day for at least a few months because I had just published a book and wanted to stay in the habit, and practice, of writing. Because I thought I might want to write another book.

Eventually the excitement and idea of publishing more books faded and I fell into the habit of blogging only once or twice a week on average.

Because I’m fairly active in a few select online communities, and I had/have no real readership, that pace worked well enough for me for the past few years.

However over the past year, I’ve been working towards getting Coach Wizard off the ground…and throughout the process, and because I love the mission so much, I have a massive desire to be a top notch CEO for the budding company.

But if I’m being completely honest, I believe I lack many of the core traits successful CEO’s I admire possess – one of which is the open, clear, accessible communication.

So I decided to make a conscious effort to practice that skill via daily blogging.

For me right now it’s about building the habit and practice of communication - so I don’t stick to a set topic or vertical when I write a post (in fact, I don’t do much planning at all - I just sit down and ramble along).

As a whole I think I do end up with a heavy startup and tech slant…but that’s because those are both heavy parts of who I am and therefore what I have the most opinions/experience to share.

At the end of the day, I don’t know if others find this blog interesting or useful – I hope at least a few do from time to time – but regardless *I* get a lot of out of it.

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